It has been since 2009 that I have opened this blog. Too many things have happened. I had radiation in Dec. 2009 in the neck and it was successful. It was a month in Sta. Monicas St. John Health Center. My husband Bruce and cousin Binky Garcia were with me all the way. My cousin even flew in from Wash. DC to give me support. I can say always that God gives you the right resources each time we go through a trial. The challenges become opportunities for others to reach out and help His children. It is so awesome to witness God's love each trial I have gone through.
I am happy to say the radiation was successful.
I shall stop here till the next time. I think this is a new beginning blog message. You shall hear from me again very soon.


In this time of uncertainty when unemployment is at its highest, people are feeling anxious about their job security, prices are rising, sales are depressingly discouraging, family relations are strained, and all are in some form of "meltdown" - economically, emotionally, psychologically, and morally. And we can't help but feel our resources are drained, energies are stretched, and stamina depleted.It is easy to feel so distant from the local and global news reports of the state of our country and the world. The so-called economic crises hits home when a family, a friend, or you yourself are one of those unemployment statistics.
It becomes real when you are faced with the unknown; when you need to know you no longer are identified with your past employer. Once a mentor, a guide, a friend, a provider. Now an adversary, now an insensitive group of managers.

What do I feel now? What can I do now? Shocked, numbed, seethingly raging with fear, anxiety, and anger; bouts of loneliness and apathy; rambling thoughts and confusing feelings; all these drive one to just process through the first few weeks of letting go the "old" and allowing the "new" the "unknown" to unfold.

The seeming burden of losing a job slowly becomes a blessing of self-realization, finding new resources of strength from within and enhancing one's life with new ideas and experiences that will unfold.

The coming weeks become a mystery and a challenge. There is more to share.


Our Mother Foundress, Saint Marie Eugenie performed miracles recognized by the Vatican and the world over.  She continues to work miracles.  Has Saint Marie Eugenie performed a very personal miracle for you?  If yes, how has it helped and inspired your life?  Please share in this blog your inspirational story by clicking the underlined "Comments" link displayed above.


Last Sunday's Dec 14 Christmas party has come and gone.  Alumni, family, and long lost friends attended this joyous occasion.  Bishop Solis, the first Filipino-American bishop of Los Angeles celebrated mass.  There were lots of games and prizes.  A banquet meal.  A bazaar that includes a jewelry display and a mini bake sale (all home baked by AAAA-SC members and their families).  A 50-50 prize drawing. 

Did you enjoy the party?   Have a suggestion for next year's celebration? Would you like to share your experience?  Please feel free to share your comments.  We'd love to hear it !

Most importantly, will you attend next year's Christmas festivities?