Last Sunday's Dec 14 Christmas party has come and gone.  Alumni, family, and long lost friends attended this joyous occasion.  Bishop Solis, the first Filipino-American bishop of Los Angeles celebrated mass.  There were lots of games and prizes.  A banquet meal.  A bazaar that includes a jewelry display and a mini bake sale (all home baked by AAAA-SC members and their families).  A 50-50 prize drawing. 

Did you enjoy the party?   Have a suggestion for next year's celebration? Would you like to share your experience?  Please feel free to share your comments.  We'd love to hear it !

Most importantly, will you attend next year's Christmas festivities? 

Lily Tamayo
12/18/2008 06:08:06 am

I was quite impressed by Bishop Solis. He was so down-to-earth and humble. He liked to add a little humor in his celebration. After mass was over I happened to walk next to him and he immediately asked me "Okay ba?". It's so refreshing to see such humility from a bishop no less! I asked him if he would pose for a picture and he said, "But of course!" He's cool !

Maricel D
1/2/2009 03:52:30 am

It was such a pleasure being a part of this event. I had so much fun and more than that our guests had so much fun also. The Christmas committee members worked so hard on this event. It was an honor working side by side with fellow alumni.

Lily Tamayo
1/2/2009 04:02:09 am

Maricel, you are absolutely right! It's hard to single out any one person but Natasha is such a dynamo. She made it so easy for us - any preparations related to the banquet hall/facility - her response was lightning quick! When I was making arrangements for the mini-bazaar she responded to all my email communications with no problem. Baby was so supportive of my ideas and efforts whether lofty or simple.

1/2/2009 06:08:40 am

Oo gidya! Sus ah! (Pardon my Ilongo). It was so much fun. One of my memorable experiences at the party was the 50-50 raffle. Everyone loved that! Our guests were so generous! I was also requested to personally go around again from 1 table to another to invite our guests to check out our mini-bazaar. Wow! Our guests were so generous and they did go to support our fund raising efforts. Two of the tables (bake sale) were sold out by the end of the day. They did not mind me asking them again for help for our charitable causes. I love gidya Assumptionistas and their friends and families! Am proud to be from Assumption!

Marlen Forbes
6/16/2013 01:43:14 pm

It has been since 2009 that I have opened this blog. Too many things have happened. I had radiation in Dec. 2009 in the neck and it was successful. It was a month in Sta. Monicas St. John Health Center. My husband Bruce and cousin Binky Garcia were with me all the way. My cousin even flew in from Wash. DC to give me support. I can say always that God gives you the right resources each time we go through a trial. The challenges become opportunities for others to reach out and help His children. It is so awesome to witness God's love each trial I have gone through.
I am happy to say the radiation was successful.
I shall stop here till the next time. I think this is a new beginning blog message. You shall hear from me again very soon.


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