If you have a personal story or account of devastating typhoon "Ondoy", please feel free to post in this blog.
9/28/2009 05:21:33 pm

Dear everyone,

I am happy to let you know that AAAA-SC quickly responded to Assumption sisters' call for financial help.

This morning, we were awakened by calls and email messages from concerned members who learned of the catastrophe and devastation caused by the fury and rainfall of typhoon "Ondoy." Truly "Assumptionistas at heart," southern California chapter members, with no hesitation, quickly responded by mailing a check today to ensure the funds reach the victims quickly and on time.

Additional information regarding distribution of funds and the need for clothing and other materials will be disseminated to the members as quickly as we receive them. We learned that Assumption San Lorenzo has been designated a "Center for Aid" during this crisis.

We ask for your continued prayers for victims and their families.

To all our wonderful members and friends: On behalf of the board members of AAAA-SC, we would like to thank each and everyone who one way or another, has supported southern California chapter's fund-raising initiatives. Without your support, we would not have been able to quickly send the much needed funds. Thank you... thank you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or any of the board members of AAAA-SC.

9/28/2009 05:36:42 pm

So Leni, I called Pinky Salgado and asked about a "skinny" on how much to send. $500.00 was the appropriate number, coz its a BIG disaster. $500.00 it is. I called LiLy right away ~ spread the good news!
Maitet Diokno and family survived the mudslide. Thank you God!! These Almost Stories raise the hair on my arms!!!
It surprises me that despite, and, inspite of myself, I live a full life away from all this. Thank you God for my Friends, my work, and for saving Maitet.

Lily Tamayo - Enid Sevilla
9/30/2009 01:04:15 am

Hi Family,

Yesterday, Hope and I got to talking and thinking about what we can do to turn our family's loss into a positive. This was a difficult discussion for me to have, because, I could not think beyond the loss of our dear Lolo. Since, Lolo's passing, everything was challenging, even the daily routine was a struggle to do, I did not even want to wake up from bed and face the day. Uncle Ben knows this first hand, because I would return his morning phone call after lunch.

After A. Mags celebration at Fortune Inn, Lola Guila and U. Ben were telling me of ways we can help victims of Typhoon Ondoy and all of a sudden it dawned on Hope and I. The very thing that we can do to turn a horrible family tragedy was under our noses. Our people of the Philippines are experiencing the aftermath of one of the regions worst Typhoons. They need our assistance. I knew, I needed to look beyond my personal grieving and try to focus my energy on the positive things that I can do. Deep inside for some reason, I knew that was what Lolo would want me to do.

So, late last night I had this surge of energy and worked through the night with Hope to work on our current project - http://tonofhope.org/

We developed a website that can be the source of information on ways people can bond together to help our country men and women affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

On the website you will find the following:

Helpful Links - http://tonofhope.org/relief-links/
Donation Drop Off Sites - http://tonofhope.org/drop-off-sites/
A way to submit additional drop off information - http://tonofhope.org/drop-off-information/
If anyone has additional information on ways we can help or other ideas on how we can garnish donations, please feel free to submit them my way.

Additional ideas on ways we can leverage http://tonofhope.org/ to provide relief to the vicitms of Typhoon Ondoy are welcome, so please send them my way as well.

-- J A S O N

Marlen Meer-Forbes
9/30/2009 02:55:50 pm

Sent: Mon, Sep 28, 2009 2:00 am
Subject: Tropical storm in PI

Hi there. I am in the Philippines in the middle of the storm season. It is devastating to see so many people affected by the flood. In one day, last Saturday alone, the rains totalled a month's quota. For me and my family we are very lucky. My dad lives in the 40th floor penthouse and we have electricity and water. My mom and sister also were lucky because they live in high grounds. We were also able to go to the province yesterday and the freeway was clear of traffic and roads were good. But of course the news will only show the worse areas that were hit. Some of my cousins had their basements flooded and appliances all flooded. And my dad's nurses had their places waist deep. We are helping their families and my school is having intensive donation campaigns. The country is so proactive. I have learned a lesson i.e. even my dad's nurses have come in to work inspite of their dire situation and keep their smiles on their faces. Amazing resilience, faith, and courage. I am so touched. I searched through my clothes in my luggage and made a bag of clothes, towels etc. for the nurses to help them first offering food and donations too.
Thank God the rains have stopped. The rescue and relief program now begins.
Keep us in prayer for now.
Just wanted to keep you abreast first hand on what is going on. Most of all Assumption classmates are fine; and are in full swing in the relief centers.

Marlen-Meer Forbes

Lily Tamayo-Tanaka for Sr. Regina
10/17/2009 02:19:20 pm

From: regina victoria <[email protected]>
Subject: Typhoon Ondoy
Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009, 9:53 PM

DAY 1 - September 27, 2009

I’d like to share briefly my personal experience of this unprecedented deluge all over Metro Manila that turned our city into an ocean in less than 6 hours of heavy rainfall. The weather station says
that what happened in 1969 in 24 hours happened yesterday in 6 hours! I left IFRS (where I help facilitate the Formators’ Accompaniment Program) at noon with Fr. Ely Cruz, SDB Provincial, in his
car at noon and we tried to navigate Aurora Blvd and practically all alternate routes to Makati
for 4 hours. Water level in most roads were knee high, in others up to the thighs.
Both Don Bosco & San Lorenzo were already up to the neck because the creek overflowed. Through text, my own family in Magallanes described the same situation. Mommy sent home driver home
at 3 p.m. and this morning I learned that Cesar swam from Magallanes bridge to
Ecology village as the water was up to the neck and there were no vehicles at
all up to Mckinley. Mary Francis texted that the Nova moved to the 3rd floor as the water already destroyed the gate and got into the first floor. Our Antipolo sisters were stranded in
Cainta, stayed overnight in Burger King and reached Antipolo only this afternoon! They’ve started relief operations right away.

Today Fe, Junalyn, Diane (Filipino postulant) & 2 caregivers gave all their physical and moral support to the Nova. The sight was painfully devastating and they will describe that in their letters. Our sisters are safe, but the ground floor will need some restoration. Trinidad, Roshni, the 2 Vietnamese postulants and I went to Malibay. Our alumnae started the water and food brigade so we were able to deliver emergency goods to around 300 families. Everywhere, people were cleaning up muddy houses, so were we in our compound. Anyone’s heart will break at the sight of the damage in the school: books, computers, etc. floating in mud. We just decided to discard a lot and build up the library ground floor
again. No water, no telephone line, no electricity, but no complaints. All worked in joy even with background music from transistor radios. The same situation in Magallanes. This typhoon attacked
all sectors of the city. From chaos to blessing is what I call this day. Shared experience of material loss, of mutual care and help, of lightheartedness run through everywhere. Malibay & Magallanes had no mass today, Sunday, as the churches had to be cleaned up from layers of mud as well. But the music &
laughter everywhere are just as present. I felt that the people were celebrating the Eucharist in the
streets and in their neighborhood all day. I am sure their Eucharistic celebrations in church will be more meaningful in the days to come. We started to receive local & international calls; Family Councils & Alumnae are coming tomorrow. So we’ve organized ourselves in San Lorenzo for better coordination
with our sister communities and other Makati-based schools for the relief operations this week.
It is so touching to know so many care and we want that care to reach as many as possible. On the long-term, we will ask the alumnae to help San Juan Nepumoceno school. San Simon is all right, so is Boni.

If you’re interested, there’s quite a wide video coverage on You Tube and on abs-cbn.com of the deluge.
25 provinces are in a state of calamity. Please excuse abrupt ending & typographical errors. My fingers are still numb though the pain is much less with physical therapy. Dr. Cabatan told me I can expect healing after one month therapy.

from Sr. Regivic

Lily for Sr. Regina
10/17/2009 02:20:13 pm

Day 2 , Sept. 28

Today, San Lorenzo was a sea of solidarity. Hundreds of families came to bring goods, lend vehicles to assure that these goods reach as many as possible in Malibay. All gave themselves in great generosity to assure that packages were enough for the day’s needs. By early afternoon, we had more than expected so that we are able to share with Antipolo and San Simon who are also ministering to their neighboring villages. This evening the Ayala-Zobels brought kitchen packages (gas stove and utensils) that will be given to the 500 most hit-families of Malibay. Really, I can say I’ve seen a glimpse of the Kingdom today! Pinky Valdes “presided” the whole operation: students, parents, alumnae, friends, personnel and sisters who worked in a very organized and joyful manner. The same atmosphere reigned in Malibay the whole day.

In Malibay many of us really cried to sea a mountain of books and school materials go to the garbage heap. Our sister Silvia couldn’t stop crying as more things went to the damp truck because we can no longer restore them. But the good news is our children and their families are alive and they have the will and the hope to recover soon. I know God is here and will see them through because there are people who care. Today around 650 families were served and tomorrow we expect around 800.

I had time to visit our LSA sisters in the other side of Malibay. They are well and Margaret has access to the internet around the corner already, so she can communicate to her sisters. Sisters Mercedes and Michaela called me last night as they couldn’t reach their sisters by phone. Tonight they will be finally relieved to hear from their sisters. But “Isla” where they work is really in bad condition. They lost one of the schoolchildren in the flood. Please pray for them, too. We share what we have with them and so are the Assumption Fathers helping them.

Pag-Asa, our weather bureau just announced 2 incoming typhoons within the week. Please help us storm heaven. Hope with us that they will not fall, and if they do, that they will not bring more damage. Tonight Ondoy’s death toll is at 106 with thousands still missing only in Metro Manila. I don’t have the figures of other provinces. God must have something in store for our nation in this great purification.

There, dear Sisters…I hope this helps give you a picture when you pray for us.

Love from Regivic

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