Please post your condolences, prayers, and thoughts for the late former President Corazon "Tita Cory" Aquino and her family.   Corazon Aquino is not only a woman of simplicity and deep spirituality but a loving wife and a devoted mother.  She is a true believer of freedom, democracy and loved by the Filipino people.  She will be missed.


08/04/2009 00:28

Dear Aquino Children,
I know that there is no greater loss than losing one's mother. Cory showed us by her example, a humility with how she lived, and, spoke. How secure she must have been. How close to her God! Thank you for sharing her with us.
Diding Locsin

Dear Coquangco-Aquino Family
08/04/2009 12:45

In the words of our Assumption School Song, Tita Cory truly embodied our motto: "Fidelity to duty, love of simplicity."
Tita Cory was a spiritual leader, one who showed the world the hopeful Filipino. May her spirit live on in all Filipinos throughout the world.
We were very blessed to walk with her!
May she FINALLY rest in peace!
Dolly Pangan-Specht
Batch 75-79-83

Kim Lopa
08/04/2009 20:42

Cory Aquino: a courageous heroine and modern-day Joan of Arc whose love for God so moved her to triumph the cause of freedom and righteousness for the Filipino people.

My heartfelt sympathies to the family of Cory Aquino.

08/04/2009 21:59

To the Aquino children,

Please know that a whole nation weeps for your loss. Your mother was a great woman. Her true greatness is characterized by her love for God, deep sense of spirituality and simplicity.

Find comfort in the knowledge that millions of people are sharing your loss and grief.

Lily ACSLHS'76 (sister of Skee and Paula)

Marylou S. Veloso-Tioseco
08/06/2009 19:10


Annette Skalomenos
08/07/2009 09:44

I will always admire her humility and simplicity, her love and dedication to her husband and children and her devotion to God and country.

~Annette Skalomenos


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