In this time of uncertainty when unemployment is at its highest, people are feeling anxious about their job security, prices are rising, sales are depressingly discouraging, family relations are strained, and all are in some form of "meltdown" - economically, emotionally, psychologically, and morally. And we can't help but feel our resources are drained, energies are stretched, and stamina depleted.It is easy to feel so distant from the local and global news reports of the state of our country and the world. The so-called economic crises hits home when a family, a friend, or you yourself are one of those unemployment statistics.
It becomes real when you are faced with the unknown; when you need to know you no longer are identified with your past employer. Once a mentor, a guide, a friend, a provider. Now an adversary, now an insensitive group of managers.

What do I feel now? What can I do now? Shocked, numbed, seethingly raging with fear, anxiety, and anger; bouts of loneliness and apathy; rambling thoughts and confusing feelings; all these drive one to just process through the first few weeks of letting go the "old" and allowing the "new" the "unknown" to unfold.

The seeming burden of losing a job slowly becomes a blessing of self-realization, finding new resources of strength from within and enhancing one's life with new ideas and experiences that will unfold.

The coming weeks become a mystery and a challenge. There is more to share.